Creepy monster skin study

Hope you’ve had your dinner.

Image_1 Image_2 Image_3

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Fire Hydrant Final





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Fun Unreal Renders in Mari

Testing multiple objects and materials in Mari. Created these from scratch in around 2 hours, pretty nifty.


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Work in progress fancy telescopes
Sky3.0014 Skyglass2.0001 Spyglass.0001 tele1 tele2

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Fire Hydrant

Work in progress Fire Hydrant

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Little Droid – WIP

Worked on getting a brushed metal look, I’ve started to add the first pass on rust and scratches. It’s coming along OK, if a little slow, metal is difficult to get right. I also tried to fake some transparency into the spheres, looks OK but needs some polish.

Happy so far.

Droid 1

Droid 2

Droid 3

Droid 4

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Little Droid

Mari, Modo – Work in progress.

Playing with Modo and Mari work in progress

Playing with Modo and Mari work in progress

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